Bassendean Oval

Bassendean Oval (commercially known as Steel Blue Oval) is an Australian Rules football ground located in Perth and is home of the Swan Districts Football Club. In the 1980's crowds at the ground could swell beyond 30,000 with a top of the ladder clash. These days, its capacity is around 15,000.

The venue features grandstands, pavilions, a large continuous grass bank and lounge for corporates and members, with all of these facilities being named after club legends. The McDonald Stand, provides seating for 600 people, this is the second McDonald stand to be built as the last one caught fire. The Bill Walker Stand is located immediately opposite and holds 400 people.

The Percy Bright - Haydn Bunton Lounge also has corporate and has golden member's facility with enclosed boxes and cushioned seating plus being located in the centre of the field, it is indeed the best seat in the house. John Todd was added to create the John Cooper - John Todd Pavilion. Here you will find a canteen, club office, change rooms and bench seating painted in the black and white.

The western end of the ground has a large shelter overhanging the ground, and the eastern side has a large gum tree, which just adds to the prestige of the ground. The wing is a large continuous grass bank which allows families to kick the ball, have a picnic and enjoy baking in the warm winter's sun. The ground also has training lights although not powerful enough to hold night games, broadcast facilities and has a train station across the road.

Bassendean Oval has previously hosted the Big Day Out with 25,000 people packing the ground, while it has also hosted baseball with the Perth Heat calling it home for a season. In perhaps the most fitting light Steel Blue Oval maintains a historical and picturesque setting. Although encircled by urban growth, this is very much like a secluded hideaway. Yet come Saturday afternoon, the ground reaches melting point as the mighty Swans endear the public of the eastern suburbs.

Bassendean Oval Details

1,500 (10% of capacity)
Record Crowd
22,350 - 10/5/1980: WAFL: Swans v West Perth
Highest Crowd since 2003
Arena Roof
Video Screen
Former/Other Names
Steel Blue Oval
Sports Played
Australian Football  
Home Teams
Swan Districts (WAFL)  
Last Event
Next Event
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