New SCG scoreboard debuts as soccer returns

Austadiums   |  Sunday 4th November 2018


The Sydney Cricket Ground recently hosted its first football game of the round-ball variety in 33 years. It also marked the debut of the southern hemispheres’ largest scoreboard.

With Allianz Stadium next door now out of action as work commences to bulldoze it and replace it with a brand-new rectangular stadium, many events will move across to the SCG making it one of the busiest stadiums in Australia for the next few years.

The Sydney Roosters will play all their NRL home games at the SCG while the NSW Waratahs and Sydney FC will also play some games at the ground.

Sports with rectangular fields have traditionally run north-south at the SCG – the same as orientation as AFL matches, however for Sydney FC and the NSW Waratahs, the field will run east-west, with the field off-centre, bringing fans closer to the Noble-Bradman Stand. The field for larger-drawing games, including the Sydney Derby, are centred on the ground to maximise capacity, as was the case for the opening A-League game on October 27.

The two videos screens at Allianz Stadium were upgraded not too long ago and LED panels have been transferred to the SCG to increase the size of the existing scoreboard in the Dally Messenger Stand, from 272 sqm to 443.5 sqm. The video screen located in the top level of the Churchill Stand has also being improved.

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Meanwhile, it’s been revealed that the old SCG scoreboard, which stood at the top of the Hill at the eastern end for 60 years, will soon return to the Moore Park precinct.

The historic heritage-listed scoreboard was built in 1923 and kept score for many big events at the ground until 1983. An electronic scoreboard was then commissioned and the Doug Walters Stand later built in front of the four-story scoreboard.

It remained unused, with only the top visible, until it was dismantled and moved to storage in 2006, prior to the construction of the new grandstand in its place.

The scoreboard will be pieced back together and placed in a prime location as part of the new stadium development at Moore Park, although the exact location is yet to be determined.

Read more about the historic SCG scoreboard on the ABC website.


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