Transforming the MCG turf

Austadiums   |  Friday 17th April 2020

Managing the turf at Australia’s largest and busiest stadium – the Melbourne Cricket Ground – is no small job and HG Turf have been charged with the responsibility since 1998.

Like most major stadiums in Australia hosting cricket and Australian football, the MCG has a drop-in cricket table, allowing for the wickets to be replaced with turf for the winter season.

The following video, courtesy of the MCG, tells the story about the MCG turf and its transition from summer to winter season in readiness for round one of the AFL premiership season.

The construction of the Northern Stand completed in 2006 introduced new challenges for the turf, blocking crucial sunlight from much of the playing surface especially during winter, which led to the development of hybrid grass.

Learn more about the entire process from the HG Turf farm in Alexandra, Victoria, to the mighty MCG in the middle of Melbourne.

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