Australian Rules Football: 2020 Betting Guide

Joel Smith  |  Monday 15th June 2020

Australian rules football, commonly referred to as Aussie rules or AFL, originated in 1859 in Melbourne. The sport was created when students started playing Rugby on a modified cricket field.

Two teams consisting of 18 players each compete on a large oval field, attempting to score points by kicking the ball between the goalposts. The team that accumulates the most points over four quarters wins the match.

While the Australian version of football might seem a little confusing to some at first, after reading our betting guide, you will uncover the gambling opportunities of this fast-paced sport.

How to play Australian rules football

Never watched a game of AFL at an Australian stadium such as the MCG, Adelaide Oval, or Marvel Stadium? Below you can find out the Australian football rules and how to use that knowledge to make successful bets on the sport.

Similarly to Rugby, in Aussie rules football, players are allowed to run with the oval-shaped ball, but they must bounce it once every 15 meters. The ball can be passed by kicking or ‘handballing’ it. Players can score six points by kicking the ball through the goal (the two larger posts) or one point for hitting the goal post or between the big and small, at any height.

The average team score in a game usually ranges between 75 and 100 points, although sometimes the scores can be much higher.

The variety of moves available offers an open nature and relentless pace to the sport, making this version of football very enjoyable to watch. On top of that, many bookmakers give punters access to the numerous Australian football betting markets available. Read on to discover the essential strategies of Aussie rules football betting.

Betting strategies

Betting on Australian rules football is more straightforward than you think! The main competition is called the AFL (Australian Football League), and it ranks number four on the most popular sports leagues worldwide in regards to average attendance. Let’s go over some essential betting techniques that will help you get started within minutes. These guys put at your disposal some more advanced gambling strategies and casino offers that you could use to maximise your potential payout.

Accumulator bet

Even a small accumulator bet on the Aussie points market can bring you some impressive returns. The bottom line? You don’t even need a vast knowledge of the sport.  All you have to do is analyse the match history of the teams, which offers a great indicator of the possible outcome of a game.

Betting on the underdog

In the AFL, momentum plays a crucial role. Team budgets might go from millions of dollars to bankrupt in just a few weeks. Looking at data from the previous AFL season, you will notice that teams usually fight for a win rate above 50%, which means that the betting market is highly volatile.

Our advice is not to be afraid of placing your wager on an underdog. However, you must keep a close eye on the percentage located in the overall standings section on the bookie’s website. If you notice any underdog team with a rate higher than 100%, they are worth a shot!

Betting Markets

Below, you can discover the main betting markets offered by industry-leading online bookmakers:

Moneyline wagers

The Moneyline is the purest form of Australian rules betting. Just pick the team that you think will win, select a bet value, and collect your winnings if you get it right!

Commonly known as Head to Head, the Moneyline betting market doesn’t allow any handicaps, point spreads, or point total. Just guess the team that’s going to win, and your balance will increase considerably!

Outright markets

The quickest way to kickstart your AFL betting adventure is the outright market. The odds system is similar to the one used for UK sports, which makes it easier for newcomers to develop their betting strategy.

Similar to soccer, on the bookmaker’s site, you will have access to an abundance of statistics and figures that are very useful when analyzing your possibilities. Start by checking the AFL Ladder, which offers you the ranking and win rates of all the teams. However, you should bear in mind that due to high volatility, the information available can sometimes be misleading, because the real win percentages aren’t entirely clear.

Alternative Markets

The game’s unique scoring structure allows you to make some exciting bets, like total points, handicap wagers and winning margins. While these obscure bets might seem a bit harder to land, remember that Aussie rules football offers many ways to score points. Winning these wagers is quite rewarding, and once you develop a strong knowledge of the game, you will be able to quickly figure out how to place them efficiently.

Australian football is an action-packed contact sport that is very enjoyable to watch. With the increasing number of bookmakers offering plenty of markets, there has never been a better time for betting on the AFL.

Right here on the Austadiums website, you can view the 2020 AFL fixture and even look at results right back to 2003, plus view a list of AFL teams and stadiums.


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