ANZ Stadium Redevelopment

Stadium Australia was set to receive a major $810 redevelopment to convert the Olympic stadium into a world-class 70,000-capacity rectangular stadium - however it was announced on May 31 that the NSW Government has pulled the pin on the project. It was to include remodelling of the seating, new sections of roofing and improved facilities. Work was due to commence in mid-2020.
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Following the Sydney Olympics, Stadium Australia received a $80 million redeveloped to reduce its size and allow for more sports to be played.

Stage 1
Stage one of the Stadium Australia post-Olympics redevelopment was completed in March 2002, and the new-look stadium played host to it's first event on the 31st of March with a National Rugby League double-header. The two upper grandstands at either end of the stadium were removed, and the lower level of seating was remodelled into an oval shape to allow Australian Football to be played at the venue. Also, two sections of seating on either side of the field were converted into retractable seating so they could be moved in so fans can be closer to the field for events such as Rugby and Soccer. The capacity of Stadium Australia following the redevelopment was 80,000.

Stage 2
Stage two of the project included the construction of new roofs over the two ends which were previously occupied by the large stand which were removed in early 2002. The new roof design provides cover for a large area at the northern and southern ends of the Stadium and, most importantly, significantly reduce potential turf growing problems.