Australian Golf Club

The Australian Golf Club

The Australian Golf Club is one of Australia’s most revered courses and always figures prominently in debates about the country's oldest clubs with its inauguration coming in 1882.

Rosebery is the fourth location of The Australian Golf Club with the current location first laid out by golf professionals Jock Hutchison, Gilbert Martin and Carnegie Clark in 1904-05. It has since undergone a handful or redesigns, most noticably tweaked by legendary architect Alister McKenzie and then major reshapings by the inimitable Jack Nicklaus in the late 1970s, then again in 2013 in time for the Australian Open the following year.

So while the course itself has undergone some changes, one thing remains constant - it has always been a superb test of golf. The list of Australian Open champions crowned at The Australian will attest to that, with Nicklaus (twice), Greg Norman, David Graham, Kel Nagle, Ivo Whitton and Joe Kirkwood Sr all prominent, not to mention Jordan Spieth on his first look at the course in 2015.

With immaculate presentation and a layout that can reward exceptional golf yet penalise errors fiercely, The Australian always paints the nation in a good light when beamed around the world.

The club has hosted the Australian Open on multiple occasions, including the first tournament in 1904, and again hosts it in 2019 - the 21st edition.

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Numerous bus routes operate in the area including bus route 301, 302 and 303. The nearest train station is Green Square which is approximately 25 minutes walk to the Australian Golf Club.
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