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NBL Tickets

Buy tickets for upcoming NBL Matches. Choose an event below and then click the BUY TICKETS button.
Note: many events are currently restricted due to Covid-19, including limited capacity and ticket sales to members only.

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Tips for purchasing NBL Tickets

Most major stadiums have one ticketing partner (usually Ticketmaster or Ticketek) and tickets to all events at these stadiums are sold through that partner only. There are some mid-sized venues that have two ticketing partners (eg: one for the cricket season and one for the football season). At smaller venues that don’t have a ticketing partner, tickets will generally be sold through the event hirer’s partner and may change from event to event. Always buy your tickets though the official ticketing partner and avoid buying through a ticketing reseller as you may end up paying more and sometimes buying invalid tickets. Austadiums lists official ticketing partners on stadium and event pages.