Stadium Seating Patterns - which is the best?

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Stadium Seating Patterns - which is the best?

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An important part of the stadium is its seats - they can bring it to life or make it look terrible! With the continuing outbreak of coronavirus, stadium seats will be on show much more than usual and it's something we need to get used to, unfortunately.

There are several distinct styles of stadium seating patterns:
- Single colour (eg SCG)
- Multiple sections of single colours (eg MCG)
- Single colour with letters/logos (eg Coopers Stadium)
- A pattern (eg ANZ Stadium)
- Blending of colours (eg AAMI Park)
- Mixed coloured seats (eg Gabba)

Some stadiums are themed for the primary tenant (eg Coopers Stadium) while most are natural as they host various clubs and some patterns are designed to make the crowd look bigger than it is!

What do you like the best, and which Australian Stadium has the best seating pattern?

Here's your chance to have your say! Fore more info & to submit your vote, visit:


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