Jamaica awarded 2011 Rugby League Planet Club Grant

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Jamaica awarded 2011 Rugby League Planet Club Grant

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Jamaica awarded 2011 Rugby League Planet Club Grant
Keith Whitelock


PRESS RELEASE - 22/08/2011

For those who aren't already aware, www.rugbyleagueplanet.com has been running a club to assist in the development of international rugby league. We are please to announce that the first ever grant has been awarded to Jamaica.

A big thanks goes out to fellow nominations Lebanon , Fiji , Norway, Serbia and Canada. We received an overwhelming response from these countries and genuinely wish that we could provide a grant to all of them.

Thanks to members contributing $10 per month over the past year, we were able to raise AUD$1,000, which converts to just under $90,000 Jamaican dollars.

RLEF Caribbean Development Manager Romeo Monteith was very grateful for the grant and expressed his gratitude advising that "The gesture will go a far way in helping us to promote and maintain the world's greatest sport on our island"

Rugby League was established in Jamaica in 2004 and has come along in leaps and bounds. Chairman Ventley Brown and Romeo Monteith has done an astonishing job with limited resources at their disposal.

There are now 227 registered players in the Jamaican Club Championships. The competition runs from May-August with 9 teams playing each other home and away basis.

Jamaica is a Rugby League nation with a vision and Rugby League Planet International Rugby League Club is proud to assist the Jamaica Rugby League Association in achieving their goals. So what exactly is the vision for Jamaican Rugby League? Asked this question, Romeo Monteith responded:

a) Successfully participate in the 2011 Rugby League World Cup qualifiers.

b) Consolidate and expand our junior programs by increasing player and school participation numbers in high schools

c) Implement age grade competition in high schools (U15s and U19s)

d) Implement a U12 tag competition in primary schools or expand coaching delivery to additional schools e) Consolidate the University championship

The Rugby League Planet International Rugby League Club is a fledgling organisation with so much potential. Originally formed as a way for the members of the www.rugbyleagueplanet.com forum to not just talk about growing our great game, but get hands on and assist well deserving nations, it now has limitless potential. It's hoped that the club can at least double the grant for the 2011 -2012 period.. The Rugby League Planet International Rugby League Club are always on the lookout for new members and have kept the price at the affordable level of $10 AUS per month. However, one off donating are always welcome. If you want to help grow rugby league and gain voting rights for the grant , Click here to join up.

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