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What should Austadiums refer to the World Game as?

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Post by Tancred »

Egan, what the hell is going on in Perth?

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Post by Egan »

Ex Tropical Cyclone Clare actually dumping rain in January...the previous two years we have had 0mm in January...and we had over 15mm yesterday, rained all day...Weekday matches in the NSL were a farce even on picture perfect nights we got much lower crowds.

Western Force - I know the club thinks it is affected a tad.

Last weeks crowd was 11,000...after the performance on Saturday, the rain etc not surprising it was 5000...especially with rain forecast and it on foxtel.

No excuse, just the club is going through a tough stage...while Adelaide has got crowds because of leading the competition and being its second season, Glory have had 10 years of history...limiting the fact of people coming, because they have already been before...every person I have ever talked to about soccer and the Glory...have said that they have been to at least a few Glory matches in the history...that is the fact that it has such a wide base to gain support, just the public of Perth (especially media) do not have any interest, because the Force are the best thing since sliced bread...bought my Force membership yesterday 8)

Anyways, I am over the crowds, I know I love going to the games regardless if others do, helping the club I have grown up with, the club that gave me soccer, its a concern about the crowds...but hey, if I thought it would stay at 5000, I would be concerned.

The factor is it was our lowest ever crowd in our history...and the previous low of 6299 against Gippsland was 8 or so years ago...

The last game got 11,000...and I would be surprised if we didnt break the 12,000 barrier mark against Sydney.

Remember Perth does not have the novelty attraction of support.

As I talked with the Marketing officer yesterday, one of the statements from the Glory was. "You find out who are your real supporter base after a few seasons"

Tancred you can be assured that I have every confidence in my club to become a force...the rebuilding stage is on, after 10 years of ploughing in dough, the other clubs have not had the financial commitment that Nick Tana has had...they are posting a loss for 1-2 years of A-League...Perth will be posting a loss for 8-10 years by the time they make a profit...

Glory have posted a loss nearly every season they have been in the competition...mainly due to the drive to show Australian Soccer what can be achieved.

For that, I have every confidence that soccer in Perth will rebuild and show the country that it will come out of recession...

Also another highlight of last night, Saw the Ex Minister of Sports and Recreation, goes to every Glory game...such a nice bloke...

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