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new zealand and the state of origin

Posted: Mon Sep 20, 2021 12:43 am
by kristofergleason
i think it happend back in 1997 with the split in the comp but wouldn't it be a better idea to have new zealand play in the state of origin instead of trying to flog a dead horse called international rugby league.i mean we all know the aussies are going to win most times and the 2 wins the kiwis have other the aussie are not going push rugby league any further in new zealand or push the international game because nobody cares really.
but the ace up the NRL sleeve could be get the new zealand national team to play in the state of origin,cause alongside club rugby SOO gets great crowds,great ratings and huge hype(iam not sure how the SOO tv ratings are in new zealand) but iam sure a game would sell out in auckland,wellington and canterbury plus get the respect off the kiwis that the international game doesn't get).