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Not for the squeamish. ... e-detroit/

82,000 seat stadium, gone, dead.

And the bigger tragedy - sold for just over half a million. We could've bought it.

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Re: Silverdome

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The Silverdome hosted some of the biggest indoor crowds in history.

The largest was 93,682 for a visit by Pope John Paul II on 18 September 1987. This just shaded the official attendance figure of the World Wrestling Federation's Wrestlemania 3 which drew an alleged 93,173 on 29 March 1987. I say alleged because there have been reports that there were 'only' 78,000 there for the event, though I personally have never believed the lower figure because the place held over 80,000 in football configuration and those seats were full, then add somewhere around 10,000 seats on the floor and a crowd of 90,000 or more is possible.

The Pope's visit was actually the world indoor attendance record until the 2010 NBA All Star game at Cowboys Stadium.

Its also the only venue to host indoor FIFA World Cup games, though those who played there didn't really like it all that much from what I've read.

Still, its sad to see what happened to the Silverdome.

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