Hamden Park - Temporary installation of athletics track.

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Hamden Park - Temporary installation of athletics track.

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I found this an interesting approach to accommodating a large format sport in a "smaller" stadium and the time lapse of the transformation is worth a look.
Glasgow 2014 will carry out work inside Hampden later this year to temporarily transform the legendary football and concert venue into a world-class track and field arena.

This will be achieved by raising the surface by approximately 1.9metres and extending the athletics track over the existing lower 8 rows of seats. This will increase the area available for sports, providing the width and length needed for an international standard competition track.

The temporary track and raised surface of the arena will create a 44,000-seater stadium, returning to its current 52,000 capacity following the end of the Games.
http://www.glasgow2014.com/media-centre ... alth-games

http://www.itv.com/news/2014-03-12/time ... lth-games/

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Re: Hamden Park - Temporary installation of athletics track.

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Similar to what they did in Manchester, except it's a retrofit to an existing venue.

May sound funny, but the raised nature of the Glasgow pitch reminds me of the Colosseum. When you're over the killing surface you can see the network of underground tunnels and cavities that lay beneath. Would've stunk like sh*t down there back in the day.

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Re: Hamden Park - Temporary installation of athletics track.

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It's a good response and it's good for opening and closing event extravaganzas as the dancing kids can appear from the centre of the ground.

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Re: Hamden Park - Temporary installation of athletics track.

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I was at an event in Glasgow this week where one of the speakers was involved with the bid to keep the SFA at Hampden and not move to Murrayfield. Unfortunately as the deal is not yet done to buy Hampden from Queens Park, most of the content is still confidential, so I can’t find any links to to the renders, which looked good. There was an emphasis on the “Stuttgart Solution” which basically matches what happened at the Mercedes Benz Arena in bringing the ends in for around £80-90 million.
One additional option is to fully roof the stadium, with the support frame forming a Saltire 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 above the pitch.

Also in the news today was that at the moment the only Euro 2020 stadium without beer will be Hampden unless the law changes. Much gnashing of teeth about that!

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