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Austadiums is the only website of its kind in Australia and is a trusted source of stadium information and news, sports event details and results, crowd attendance figures and much more. Austadiums is the only site to give you a list of all upcoming sports events in one place, allowing you to buy tickets, view seating maps, read about the venue and get directions to it. The site is mobile-friendly and our new Web App makes it even easier to access on the go. Pronounced “aus-stadiums”, the website first launched in 1999 and has expanded over time to include information on over 500 stadiums in Australia and New Zealand. Austadiums is independent and has no official relationship with any venue, nor does it represent any venue. Austadiums was built, developed, is run and owned by CV Media.

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Stadium Legend


INFO Stadium information, photos and details
MAPS Google Maps Street Map of the stadium
EVENTS List of upcoming and recent events at the stadium
CROWDS List of recent and highest crowd attendances
SEATING MAP Displays a generic seating map of the stadium
STREET MAP Google Maps Street Map of the stadium
SATELLITE MAP Satellite image of the stadium & surrounding area
ACCOMMODATION View & book nearby accommodation to the venue, thanks to Stay22
REDEVELOPMENT Information about the past or current redevelopment of the stadium
PHOTOS View all our photos on file for the respective stadium
OFFICIAL SITE A link to the official stadium website


Location The city and state where the stadium is located
Address Street address of the stadium
Capacity The total amount of people the stadium can safely fit
Seats The total number of seats within the stadium
Record Crowd The highest sports attendance ever recorded at the stadium
Highest crowd since 1/1/2003 Displays the highest crowd at the stadium since 1/1/2003
(Information is automatically pulled from Austadiums Sport)
Lights Lists if the stadium has floodlights for night matches
Arena Roof Lists if the stadium has a roof covering the playing arena
Video Screen Lists if the stadium has a permanent video screen (scoreboard)
Built The year in which the stadium opened to the public (and closed if applicable)
Redeveloped When the stadium last received a major redevelopment of its facilities
Former/Other Names Official names the stadium has previously been called or current names the stadium is also known as
Ticketing The official ticketing agency for the stadium
Sports Played A list of primary sports played at the stadium
Home Teams Sporting teams which play home matches at the stadium
Annual Events Major sporting events which are held at the stadium annually
Historic Events Major historic sporting events that have been held at the stadium
Last Event The last sports event which was held at the stadium (from Austadiums DB)
Next Event The next sports event to be held at the stadium (from Austadiums DB)
Directions Directions to find your way to the stadium
Transport How to access the stadium using public transport
Parking Parking available at or near the stadium
Accommodation Accommodation which is situated near the stadium


Sports Attendance Data

Crowd attendances on the Austadiums website include most major sports events since 1/1/2003. Entertainment events, such as concerts, are not featured on our site. Austadiums covers events in Australia as well as international events where Australian domestic competitions are played (for example: NRL, A-League & NBL in New Zealand, AFL in China, etc). Austadiums collects attendance figures manually to ensure data integrity, from official sources where possible, and while we make every effort to ensure all figures are correct, we cannot 100% guarantee. Official sources also can report incorrect figures or update figures from time to time.

Austadiums lists a summary of crowds on sports pages as well as recent/highest attendances on the site, and indivual attendance figures on event pages. More in-dept historical data can be requested by contacting us, however please note there will be a charge to access this data to help us cover our expenses and for the time it takes to manually collect these figures. This also applies for research/educational purposes.

Sports and competitions where crowd figures are recorded on Austadiums include: AFL, AFLW, AFL Pre-Season, State League Grand Finals, NRL, NRL Pre-Season, State of Origin, Rugby League Internationals, Rugby Union Internationals, Australian Super Rugby matches, A-League, W-League, FFA Cup, A-League Pre-Season, Football Internationals, ACL, Cricket Test Matches, One Day and T20 Internationals, BBL, NBL, Basketball Internationals, and other major events.

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Website Credits

Austadiums thanks everyone who has helped with the development of the site by providing valuable content - including stadium management, sports organisations and website visitors. The site would not be as successful as it is without everyone's help - and it is appreciated. You can contribute content including news articles, new stadium listings, stadium updates, crowd attendance figures and more, via the contribute hub.



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A range of advertising options exist on the Austadiums website, newsletter and social channels. Austadiums is the only site of its kind in Australia, and is visited around 150,000 times per month, with over 250,000 page views. The Austadiums Newsletter is sent to around 1,000 recipients each month (and growing), most of which work within the stadium and sports industry. Advertising options include ad banners, native and sponsored content, and sponsorship of sections of the site. Please contact us for further information about promoting your business by advertising on Austadiums.

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Consultancy Services

Not many know as much as we do about Australian stadiums and sport, with over 20 years knowledge in the industry. Austadiums offers consultancy services, via CV Media, for anything relating to Australian (and New Zealand) sports venues, Australian sport and sports leagues, attendance figures, historical and current trends, and plenty more. Get in touch with us to find out more, or visit the CV Media website.

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